How to use the Spell Check function in WPS Spreadsheet

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How to use the Spell Check function in WPS Spreadsheet

How to use the Spell Check function in WPS Spreadsheet

The Spell Check function of WPS Spreadsheet can help us quickly trap misspelled words and provide suggestions for correction,greatly saving the calibration time of the table.

In the Review tab, click the Spell Check button and open the Spell Check dialog box, whose shortcut key is F7.

Take this table as an example. The cells are checked from left to right and then from top to bottom.

Select cell A1 and click on the Spell Check button to check the entire table. In the Suggestions section of the right pane, the system will intelligently generate new words according to the spelling of the original words.

Also, we can apply the Spell Check function in specified areas.

We can also see the names in the file are marked in red, but the words are correctly spelled.

In this case, we can choose to ignore or delete the prompt.

· Ignore

Take the word Urbano as an example, click Ignore in the pane, and we can ignore the error message of the word.

And click Ignore All to ignore all error messages for this word in the table this time.

· Add to Dictionary

If we want to dismiss error messages of one word in subsequent checks, we can add the word to the proofread dictionary.

Take Sixto as an example.Click Add to Dictionary in the right pane.

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