How to write strikethrough text in excel

August 1, 2022

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Strikethrough formatting is rarely used, but it is a very useful font formatting for most applications. Strikethrough fonts are a great way to visually indicate that something has been deleted, deleted, or no longer relevant, without actually removing it from the text. This formatting option is also available in Excel, but unfortunately, it is not available directly from the ribbon commands. However, it is possible to access it in a number of ways.

Add Strikethrough with the Quick Access Toolbar

For those who prefer to use the mouse to use keyboard shortcuts, there is a quicker way than using the Format Cells menu. You can upload this to the Quick Action Toolbar so it’s usually a one-click technique to feature strikethrough.

1.   Click on the drop-down button of Customize Quick Access Toolbar and select the More Commands option.

2.   In the Excel Options menu. Select All Commands from the drop-down.

3.   Scroll down and select the Format cell Tab in the list of available commands.

4.   Press the Add button to add this to your Quick Access Toolbar.

5.   Press the OK button to close the menu.

Using the shortcut key, apply strikethrough formatting

Like the majority of practical features and capabilities, Microsoft Excel has a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough.

1.   For Windows users, it's Ctrl + 5.

2.   As well as on a Mac, Command + Shift + X.

The selected cell(s) will immediately have a strikethrough format when you press those buttons. Want to add a strikethrough to a large number of cells at once? Select all and press the strikethrough shortcut.

3.   Alternatively, click and drag your formatting to any desired location using the format painter!

Revert the strikethrough format

Strikethrough can be easily eliminated from a cell. Use the keyboard shortcut to select the cells you want to remove the strikethrough formatting from:

1.   On Windows, press Ctrl + 5.

2.   On a Mac, press Command + Shift + X. Then it disappeared!

3.   If you don't want to use the keyboard shortcut, you may just open the Format cells dialogue box and uncheck the strikethrough box on the Font tab.

Partial strikethrough formatting

The above method adds strikethrough to the entire cell. If you want to remove only part of the text in a cell, do the following:

1.   Double-click the cell.

2.  Select the word(s) you want to cross out.

3.  Use keyboard shortcuts to apply strikethrough formatting (Ctrl + 5 or Command + Shift + X).

4.  Or you can do it without keyboard shortcuts by opening the Format Cells dialog and clicking the strikethrough option in the Font tab.

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