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More features in Convert to Word

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More features in Convert to Word

More features in Convert to Word

Both WPS Presentation and Microsoft PowerPoint have the function of Convert to Word. What are the differences between them?

In Microsoft PowerPoint

1. We need to click File, click Export, and click Create Handouts.

2. Then select a desired page layout and other settings, such as Notes next to slides or Paste, and click OK.

In WPS Presentation

1. We only need to click the Tools tab and click Convert to Word Document.

2. Multiple page layouts and slide ranges are selected in the Translate to WPS Writer Document pop-up dialog.

    3. WPS Presentation allows us to convert multiple slides into one page.

Besides, Microsoft PowerPoint supports converting all slides to a word document.

In WPS Presentation, we can set the slide range for conversion as needed.

1. We can choose to convert all slides, current slides, or specific slide ranges.For example, input 1, 3-6 in Select Slide. Then these slides will be converted.

2. Lastly, we click OK to test the conversion.

Take this PPT as an example.

The page numbers, contents, and notes are all converted as a table into the WPS Writer document. The picture size fits the page, and the contents are arranged in order. If you need to adjust its layout, drag the dotted line in the table.

In Microsoft word, we may still need to adjust the picture size manually to make it look better.

In addition, WPS Presentation supports converting specified objects like text, table and image.

Take this PPT as an example.I only want to convert the tables in this Presentation to a WPS Writer document.

1. We can select According to original layout in Converted Layout and check Table in Converted Content.

2. Then click OK. A moment later, all the tables are converted into a WPS Writer document.

The Convert to Word Document function in WPS Presentation has been comprehensively optimized in three aspects: slides range, layout, and conversion objects, which contributes to wider application scenarios and higher efficiency.

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