Set the cell alignment

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Set the cell alignment

Set the cell alignment

In order to ensure the aesthetics of the table, sometimes, we need to adjust the text alignment within the table.

Take this table as an example.

Go to the Edit mode, and open Tools. In the Home tab, we can find the Align Text ribbon. Here, we can select nine types of textalignment.

They are: Top Left Align,Top Center Align, Top Right Align,Middle Left Align,Center Align,Middle Right Align, Bottom Left Align, Bottom Align and Bottom Right Alignrespectively.

We can choose the different alignments according to our needs.

If we need to change the text alignment in bulk, we can simply select the cells' range and corresponding alignment.We choose Centerhere.

In WPS Office for PC, Align Text is more versatile and easy to operate.

In addition to the nine types of alignment described above, we can also set the text Justify, Distributed, and so on in WPS Office for PC. Furthermore, we can adjust the spacing between cell borders and text.Please feel free to use Align Text in WPS Office for PC.

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