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Top 10 time blocking template excel download 2024

September 22, 2022

Excel and its hidden functions help you keep everything under control. Among them, Excel process template is very versatile, be it for students, businessmen or for daily use.

The best thing about this time blocking template excel is that it comes in different forms and can be customized according to your needs. Below are the best free online top 10 time blocking template excel.

1. Revision Time Table

The Excel template is ideal for students as it can fully cover the days of the week and specific times. Also, boxes can be colored to indicate the importance of a particular task.

2.Fresh Blue Exam Time Table

With a simple and formal academic look, this Excel template can be used for processes to keep a classroom in perfect order. It is a fully editable template that can easily be used by the hour and month.

3.Weekly Study Time Table

This simple Excel template is ideal for keeping order during the week. You can target the content of the Daily Schedule Excel template to specific classes and highlight the most important activities that need to be done on that particular day and time.

4.Time Card Calculator

With its beautiful design and possible originality, this Excel template is a good choice for young people. You can also edit the content to create a daily schedule template or a weekly Excel report.

5.Project Progress Time Planning

This is a perfect Excel template for daily schedules with a simple structure and an eye-catching design that is very elegant.

6.Simple Time Tracking

This is quite a simple but excellent Excel template for daily planning. With space for time, activities and to-do lists, nothing will get lost in the day, hour and month.

7.Color Block Time Sheet

This weekly work schedule template is designed to keep track of the entire workday.

8.Employee Payroll for Part-time Salary

The distribution of tasks is important in any household, so the daily schedule Excel template is very useful. With this option, you can set up a section with the names of the activities and indicate who has to do them and whether they have done them or not.

9.Employee Over Time Calculator

The free downloadable Excel template is also compatible with smartphones. This special layout makes it easy to change the daily tasks and their position in the week. This is a very useful Excel template that can be used on an hourly or monthly basis.

10.Bus Time Table

If you want to bring order to your projects, this Excel calendar template is perfect for your workspace. It includes the days of the week and provides space for the project name so you can see more of your work.

Five Best Template Websites

1. WPS Template

image of a business suite website

WPS Office is a free business management suite that includes writer, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF. It provides seamless working operations on multiple devices and operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.


  • There are various kinds of templates in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  • The template albums are classified.

  • You can explore various types according to your needs.

  • WPS Office recommends its users explore the top templates, which you can download without paying any price.


  • WPS Office has the best templates for time blocking, but only a few beautiful ones are for free.

2. Notion

preface of a website showing docs, wiki, and projects

The Notion is an all-in-one workspace for individuals and business owners. It offers the opportunity to create documents, manage projects and access the power of AI. You can customize and keep track of your project and build good efficiency at work.


  • It offers an association between the databases, which means you can associate different kinds of work with each other. As an example, if you have a book diary database and a to-do list for the same day.

  • You can track and get a record of your activities on Notio


  • The Notion is not easy to comprehend by non-native English speakers.

3. Microsoft OneNote

image of Microsoft OneNote with products

Microsoft offers multiple solutions, but OneNote is a digital note-taking web application that offers one place to keep all your research plans, notes, to-do lists, and information. It provides the ease of storing all information you will need to manage for home, work, or school.


  • It offers the opportunity to create notes even without typing at any time. For security and safety, the information will be backed up in the cloud, which you can restore anytime.

  • Microsoft OneNote is a free tool without any debate. You don't have to pay a single fee to explore the features.


  • It is not effective when you are looking for the information in your notes, as the search features are subpar.

  • You will not get the custom searches in your notes.

4. Canva

image of a designing website

Canva is an invaluable design website with a mission to help people create and publish designs online for free. It offers multiple themes, designs, and templates to get a professional-looking document.


  • It offers the feature to automatically adjust the colors of the templates according to your needs and preferences.

  • This is one of the features that most of the websites don't offer.


  • Restrictions on export in the free version

  • Limited templates for free

5. Smartsheet

a Smartsheet website preface with products and services

A Smartsheet is a platform that allows you to manage, report, and collaborate on work in real time. It automates the workflow and maximizes efficiency.

It is more than a productivity-increasing website. It offers end-to-end work execution to help businesses achieve success.


By using Smartsheet, your team can share notes and documents without any trouble.

  • It offers many tools for collaboration that are important to keep your team

  • Empower learning and working effectively


  • Difficult to navigate

  • Not easy to scan

  • Collect data in a spreadsheet

How to Get the Month Name from a Date in Excel (3 easy ways)

It will be an unpredictable occasion in your life when you find the need to get the month's name from the date in Excel. In this situation, most people search on Google to find the information. It's crucial to know how to find the name of a month from the date in your worksheet.

To help you, here we will discuss how to get a month name from the date in Excel in 3 different ways.

1.Cell formatting Method

If you are an individual who doesn't find ease in entering long functions in the formula bar to wait for those errors, then this method will be most appropriate for you.

What you need to do is to change the format of your date, and as a result, your stress will be gone.

Step 1: First, select the date:

popping table showing date in a cell

Step 2: Select the format cell

features in spreadsheet about format cells

Step 3: Choose the custom option.

format cells by showing custom options

Step 4: Change the option to month.

table showing name of month

This simple process will help you to get the name of the month you are looking for.

2.Month Function

In the above method, if you find too many steps to follow, there is another simple and effective way to find the name of the month from the date in Excel. This month formula is easy to use as it calculates the number of months between the two dates.

All you have to do is use the formula known as MONTH(Cell Number). You can select the date and apply the formula to get the results in Excel.

Here are two simple steps which will help you understand the functioning.

image explaining the dates and month shift

3. Using Text Function

To make conversion easy in Excel, there is another way to convert dates into months. The syntax is Text(Cell Number, "mmm").

spreadsheet pooping up dates

By using this method, you can get the name of the month in the respective cell.

Best Alternative to Choose - WPS Office

Excel is a great tool to keep track of everything and try your best to keep it under control. The features offer versatility whether you are a student, a businessman, or an individual.

The WPS Time blocking template is one of the best and great alternatives to creating a time-blocking template from scratch. This will allow you to create Word documents, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs on your desired operating system for free of cost. You can explore the best time-blocking templates in WPS Office.


Q1. The Reasons you need to Add Time on Excel

Time is an important element. You may have heard that time is money. By adding time in Excel, you will identify when you have time for multiple tasks to follow up on your schedule. After adding the time, Excel will take care of your

Q2. How to add Time in Excel

If you want to add time in Excel for less than 24 hours, the formula is simple.

There are two simple steps that you can follow:

Step 1:

Enter the time of task 1, around 5 hours and 30 minutes, in cell B2. In cell B3, enter the time of task 2, around 8 hours and 45 minutes.

Step 2:

Now you can add B2 and B3 in cell number B4. After entering the numbers, you will get the desired results.

spreadsheet explaining time and task

The process is applicable when you have less than 24 hours to enter.

Q3. Quick to learn the time and dates functions

In this lesson, you can learn about the features of Excel.

You will know:

  • How do we express the time and date correctly in the function formula?

Using Excel, all you have to do is to enter the date in the standard format, such as 01/09/2023. But you need to ensure that the data should appear inside the quotation marks.

If you want to enter a certain month in the formula, you will need to work on two conditions at one time. The reason is that each month contains different dates, 30 or 31.

  • How do we separate the year, month, and day from the date?

The Year function in Excel can extract the year of the data from the data. On the other hand, the Month function can extract the month of the date. Similarly to this, the Day function can extract the day of the date.

  • How can we extract the hour, minute, and second of the time separately?

Similarly to the above Month and year functions, you can extract the hours, minutes, and seconds from the HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND functions.

  • How do we use the DATEDIF function to calculate the employee's length of service?

The DATEDIF function has simple parameters. The formula is DATEDIF(Start_date, End_date, Comparison Unit) can easily return the numbers of days, months, and years between the two different dates. This is one of the effective functions which every HR should master to calculate the length of any employee's services in an organization.


The internet has thousands of templates that you can look at, but if none of them matches your needs, then you can consider downloading a smart and reliable business suite known as WPS Office.

with WPS PDF, you can make a time blocking template in simple steps that can make it look elegant. There are 500 million active users relying on the WPS Office to meet their personal and professional needs.

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