Top 10 Construction Job Costing Excel Template 2024

January 8, 2024 5.2K views

Where time is a valuable asset, finding smart solutions to simplify our daily tasks, like managing our income and expenses, is crucial.

Using Excel spreadsheets to track our financial records is wise and efficient, allowing us to easily stay on top of our finances.

However, creating your construction job costing spreadsheet from scratch every month can be a time-consuming process.

Form templates are the solution! These pre-designed forms are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

But where can I find a template for my construction job costing spreadsheet for free? In this article, We have compiled the top 10 free construction job costing templates available online!

Happy templating!

PART 1 10 Free Construction Job Costing Excel Templates to Download

  1. Useful Cost Sheet Form

This Template will automatically calculate the prime cost, works cost, cost of production, cost of goods sold, cost of sales, and profit. It's a comprehensive tool designed in pleasing blue color.

2. Professional Cost Statement

This premium template will help you to calculate equipment-wise and worker-wise costs, as well as the depreciation cost of machinery.

3. Blue Cost Profit Budget

This simple but comprehensive template can help you consolidate your company’s Budget project-wise.

4. Startup Cost Calculator

This template uses multiple colors to distinguish between income costs and investments visually. Detailed breakdowns of cost /income items are available.

5. Expense Budget Approval Form

The expense Budget approval form will be useful when your actual cost exceeds the budgeted cost. It has a simple layout and is finished in pleasing green color.

6. Blue Excel for Cost Accounting


This template can help you with equipment costing, adding transport costs to arrive at the actual purchase cost.

7. The Income Statement

This template can give you a snapshot of income and expenditure for the last three years.

8. Operating Accounting Income Statement

While the template looks complex from the outset, this will be useful if you need department-wise sales/ expenses breakdowns.

9. Financial Income and Expenditure Accounting Statement

This format gives the income and expenditure of individual projects in a side-by-side view. You can see the position of all your projects in one Sheet.

10. Business Finance Construction Quotation

This Template will help you to generate invoices or quotations for construction work. It is easy to give an item-wise breakdown with this format.

PART 2: Five Benefits of Using Excel Templates to do job costing?

Using Excel templates for job costing offers several benefits that can greatly enhance your cost management process. Here are five key advantages:

1. Timely summary of work expenses and income: Excel templates provide a ready-made framework. By simply inputting the relevant data into the template, you can save valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent on designing and formatting the spreadsheet. This will give you timely access to your company's income and expenditure data.

2. Convenient operation and Consistency: Templates ensure that calculations and formulas are pre-built, reducing the risk of human error. This enhances the accuracy of your job costing calculations, ensuring consistent results. With standardized templates, you can maintain consistency across different projects. Comparing and analyzing data will be much easier.

3. Streamlined Data Organization: Excel templates offer a structured format for organizing your job costing data. They provide specific sections and categories to input various cost elements, making tracking and analyzing expenses easier. This streamlined organization helps you gain a clear overview of your costs, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

4. Easy to get started: Templates make it incredibly easy to begin job costing by providing a pre-designed structure. They eliminate the need to start from scratch, saving time and effort. With templates, you can quickly input data and benefit from automatic calculations. They remove barriers to entry, allowing you to focus on analyzing and managing costs efficiently.

5. Visual Representation: Excel templates enable you to present your job costing data visually appealingly. You can transform numerical data into charts or graphs with built-in charting and graphing features. Visualizing the cost breakdown makes it easier for stakeholders to make informed decisions based on the data.

You can streamline your cost management process by leveraging the benefits of Excel templates for job costing. It will ultimately improve your overall financial control and decision-making capabilities.

PART 3: Why Use WPS Office

There are many reasons why using WPS Office is recommended, especially when creating or editing templates. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Free to Use: One of the standout advantages of WPS Office is that it is free to download and use. Whether you're a student, professional, or looking to manage documents effectively, WPS Office offers a cost-free solution.

2. Easy for a Novice: WPS Office design is simple, making it easy for novices to use. Its user-friendly interface provides a smooth experience, allowing you to navigate its tools and features effortlessly. You don't need to be an expert to edit templates using WPS Office.

3. Abundance of Free Templates: Once you download and install WPS Office, you gain access to various templates that can be used for different purposes. Whether you need templates for resumes, presentations, or spreadsheets or looking for WIP report template excel, WPS Office has you covered.

4. Free Membership Benefits: Using WPS Office, you can also opt for a free membership, which provides additional perks and features. You can enhance your template creation or editing experience by using these free membership benefits.

If you are considering a place for Excel template free download, WPS Office is the one!

FAQs about Construction Job Costing Excel Template

  • What is construction job costing and why is it important?

Construction job costing involves estimating and tracking the costs of a construction project from beginning to end. It's important because it helps project managers and contractors determine and compares the total cost to the estimated budget.

Here are a few reasons why job costing matters in construction:

1. Accurate budgeting: By keeping track of costs throughout the project, job costing helps managers and contractors compare actual expenses to the estimated budget.

2. Cost control: It provides insights into areas where the project exceeds the budget. By promptly identifying cost overruns, steps can be taken to address them and prevent further financial complications.

3. Pricing accuracy: Job costing helps contractors estimate and price their services for future projects. This reduces the risk of underpricing or overpricing, ensuring the contractor remains competitive and profitable.

4. Decision-making: With accurate cost information, project managers can make informed decisions about resource allocation, material list, and other factors that impact the overall project cost.

5. Project evaluation: By comparing the estimated costs with the actual costs, contractors can assess the accuracy of their initial estimates.

  • What are the essential elements to include in a construction job costing spreadsheet?

You should include several essential elements when creating a construction job costing spreadsheet. Here's a simple of what you need:

1. Project Identification: Include a section to identify the project. This can include the project name or location.

2. Cost Categories: Create separate columns for different cost categories such as labor, materials, equipment, subcontractors, and overhead costs.

3. Cost Items: List specific items or tasks that contribute to the overall cost under each category. For example, you can include different job roles or specific activities under labour.

4. Quantity and Units: Include columns to input the quantity or units associated with each cost item.

5. Cost Rates: Specify the cost rates for each cost item or category. These can be hourly rates for labour and unit prices for materials.

6. Total Cost: Calculate the total cost for each cost item by multiplying the quantity by the cost rate. Sum up the costs within each category to determine the total cost.

7. Grand Total: Sum up all the costs from different categories to obtain the grand total cost of the project.

8. Budget Comparison: Include a column to input each item or category's estimated or budgeted cost.

9. Notes and Comments: Reserve a section to add any notes related to specific costs.

10. Summary and Analysis: Conclude the spreadsheet with a summary section where you can provide an overview of the project's cost performance.

  • Can I use construction job costing spreadsheets for both small and large construction projects?

Yes! Construction job costing spreadsheets can be used for small and large construction projects.

For small projects, the spreadsheet can be kept simple. You may have fewer cost categories and items to track, but the basic principles of job costing still apply.

On the other hand, for larger projects, the spreadsheet can accommodate more extensive cost structures. You may have multiple cost categories, numerous items, and more data to manage.

The key is to ensure that the spreadsheet is flexible and scalable.

Unlock the Power of Construction job costing spreadsheets with WPS Office

We discussed construction job costing spreadsheets and their importance in detail. Construction job costing involves estimating and tracking costs associated with a construction project from start to finish. We explored why it's important and how spreadsheet templates can help you overcome initial hurdles and save time.

We also touched upon creating a construction job costing spreadsheet using WPS office templates. There are many templates, and we have brought you the ten best!

Using free WPS spreadsheet templates, you can create an effective construction job costing spreadsheet to help you manage costs, track expenses, and make informed financial decisions for your construction projects.

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