How To Add Notes To PowerPoint?

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As the most demanding tool in office work, PowerPoint is often used in presentations and work reports. Therefore, understanding its various features is compulsory in today's working needs. You know, PPT offers just the main points of the content. However, we can't remember all the details. At this point, speech notes come forward to solve this issue.

But the question is how to add notes to PowerPoint. From MAC to iPAD and beyond, each device comes with different steps. Moreover, the usage habits of every person also vary greatly. This article presents you with free methods that are enough to meet your diverse usage scenarios.

How To Add Notes To PowerPoint In Different Scenarios?

The presentation needs to be explained more than you put on the slides. At this point, you need to access more features to add notes for convenience while presenting. Microsoft PowerPoint offers speaker notes that help you while presenting.

You can add more data to your presentation while keeping it away from the audience's sight. Yeah, the notes section offers the same service whether you use PC, Mac, or iPad.

How to add speaker notes to PowerPoint slides?

Open the PPT and choose the side that needs a speaker note. Now, follow the below steps to add notes to it.

Step 1 From the "View" tab, you must choose Normal or Outline View. As a result, you can view the slide adjacent to the note. Keep in mind; you can not add notes without changing the view.

In addition, avoiding Normal or Outline View allows you to see the Notes Page in the same part of the ribbon. So, with "View," you can see slides and notes at a time in print form.

Select Normal View

Step 2 You can put the note section below the slide if it is not visible to you. Just follow the below guidelines.

  • Check the Status Bar at the bottom of the interface and choose the Notes button.

  • Drag the cursor to the bottom and check for a double-faced arrow. As it appears, drag it until you see the panel.

Notes section

Step 3 In the empty section, you will see “Click to Add Notes.” So, put the cursor and paste notes in it.

Click to add notes

Step 4 From the Home tab, you can do basic formatting in the notes. Despite having a whole paragraph, using bullets, bold, and italic points are good, and your content will be handy during a presentation. Moreover, use the scroll bar at the right to check a lengthy note.

How to add notes to PowerPoint on Mac?

How to add notes in PowerPoint is another question to explore for Mac. The interface has three sections: Slide area, Slide pane, and note pane. Yes, the note pane is visible in the standard view. To add notes to it, follow the below steps.

Step 1 Open the presentation and pick the slide where you want to add notes. Click the Notes at the bottom of the PPT interface to show you the notes block.

Step 2 Hover the cursor in the Notes section to see  "Click to add notes." So, click on this section to make the area active.

Step 3 Add notes in this area with the formatting you need.

How to add notes to PowerPoint on iPad?

People also search for how to add speaker notes in PowerPoint on iPad. Adding notes in iPad presentations is also very easy. Here we go with quick steps;

Step 1 Open the presentation you want to update and click the slide that needs Notes.

Step 2 Check the lower right corner of the interface and hit the Notes button.

Step 3 You will see the notes section in the right sidebar. Add text to it and do basic formatting for convenience.

How to add notes to PowerPoint when recording?

Adding notes to the PowerPoint needs simple steps explained below.

Step 1 Open the presentation you need to edit.

Step 2 Hit the slide in which you aim to add notes.

Step 3 Hit the "Notes" button at the bottom of the interface.

Step 4 Hit in the notes pane and add the content as notes.

How to add notes to a PowerPoint pdf?

Another question; how to add notes to a PowerPoint slide in PDF is a point to explore. PowerPoint PDF also offers editing for notes and demands simple steps in this scenario.

Step 1 Open your PDF file as PPT by right-clicking on the file icon.

Step 2 Open the slide in which you want to add notes.

Step 3 Select the "View" option from the top menu bar. Now, hit the "Notes" option from the drop-down menu. On the other hand, you can access the "Notes" option from the bottom ribbon.

Select Notes from the View option

Step 4 Choose “Click to add notes” in the notes box and start adding notes. Moreover, you can do basic formatting based on your need.

Click to add notes

How to add notes to PowerPoint printouts?

Adding notes to PowerPoint print out may seem complex sometimes. But the presenter can print out all the slides with notes.  For this purpose, you need to follow simple steps, and your notes will be available in print form.

Step 1 Open the file you want to print out and select the File option from the upper left corner of the interface.

Step 2 Select your preferred printer from the "Print" option from the drop-down menu.

Print your PPT

Step 3 Choose the slide you aim to print From the "Settings" option. Alternatively, you can print all the slides at a time.

Print your PPT

Step 4 From the "Print Layout" option, choose "Notes Pages." The right side will show you a preview of the print.

Print notes

Step 5 Do the necessary changes before printing and click the "Print" button.

Benefits and Suggestions for Adding Annotations in PowerPoint

Adding annotations to the PowerPoint bring feasibility during the presentation. It keeps you remembering what to say in the specific part of the discussion. Moreover, you can print the slides with notes or have a presenter view. Alternatively, the audience would have just a presenter's view.

Remember, slides look professional when you add minimum information and put extra stuff in the notes. The stuff would be put outside the view of the audience.

With annotations, you can keep all the essential information in consideration.

Therefore, every critical point gets noticed. Moreover, it helps you emphasize the arguments and leads you to explain in a better way.

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FAQs About Add Notes to Powerpoint

Q1: Why can't I add notes to my PowerPoint presentation?

Adding notes to the PowerPoint presentation is simple. No doubt, the basic steps are different based on the device. Still, it needs to be simplified. Sometimes, the user needs to add notes to the PowerPoint presentation. To fix it, set the presentation to the "Normal" view. Understanding all the points makes you able to add notes.  

Q2: How do I share my screen in PowerPoint without showing notes?

First, open Zoom and choose the " Share screen" option followed by the "Advance" button. As the next option, hit "Portion of Screen" and "Select." You will see a green box that will be shared with the audience. Next, hit "Presenter View." You can adjust the green box to where you want your audience to see.

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