How to Convert WPS to PDF by WPS Office?

July 31, 2023 9.9K views

What is WPS to pdf converter?

WPS file is a text document, and is produced by the word processing program Microsoft work process. WPS file is similar to a .doc file. But WPS file is not as advanced as .doc and lacks some advanced options. Macros also don't work for it. So, if someone still has any important WPS files and doesn't know how to open a WPS file. Then he must be looking for how to convert a WPS file into a pdf or any other file. We will help you with all this by giving a live example from WPS to the pdf converter tool. WPS to pdf converters tools can easily convert your WPS files into pdf for free, both offline and online.

Importance of WPS to pdf converter:

  • As we have mentioned, the WPS file format is very old and not supported by many offices or software, so it's better to convert your WPS files into any other file before it's too late.
  • WPS files lack many advanced formatting options; you must try converting them to PDF files.
  • If you have deleted any office compatible with WPS and now don't know how to convert WPS to pdf and open it, WPS to pdf converter can help you.
  • If you want to make advance changes or other formatting options, you must use a WPS converter.

Why use WPS to pdf converter?

  • You don't have to buy software compatible with WPS files. You can use freely available offices to read your file by converting it into pdf.
  • Most WPS pdf converters are free and can be used online or offline.
  • You can easily enjoy a lot of advanced formatting options.
  • You can also add macros in pdf files in a secure way.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft works word processor your WPS files will not open. So, If you don’t have this software you must try converting it into another file.
  • Sometimes if you transfer the files from your old hard drive to new the WPS files will not open. So, you should use WPS to pdf converter.

How to convert WPS files to pdf?

You can convert your WPS files into pdf by using many offline and online tools and WPS office is one of them. Let’s see how to convert WPS to pdf by using WPS office.


1-Open your WPS file in the WPS office.

2-Click on the tools option available in the top menu bar. And click export to pdf.


3-You can also go to the export to pdf option by clicking the menu bar directly. And just click export to pdf. Your WPS file will be converted into pdf directly.


4-Instead of these two options, you can also visit the save as option—select file type as a pdf file. So, here we go on how to convert WPS to pdf. It's just the game of a couple of clicks.


Guide to download WPS office

We have mentioned above how to convert WPS to pdf offline. Similarly, you can use many other tools to convert WPS to pdf online. But through WPS, you can change pdf to word, txt, excel ppt, and vice versa. Not just conversions, but you can also edit or delete some pages from the documents. You can also insert some new things into your documents. What else do you need? Download the WPS office download to get a better experience.

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