How to Create a CSV File in WPS Office? (Easy & Quick)

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Nowadays, many companies use CSV files for data storage since they consume less memory than other files. Therefore, it is a good tool for e-commerce as well as other businesses looking to manage their data. But the problem is, many freshmen in the workplace may not know much about CSV files, so they need to learn more about it and how to create it in the WPS Office. Read this guide to find out how to do it.

What is a CSV file?

For starters who don’t know about CSV files, the complete form of CSV is Comma-Separated-Values. It is a widely used file format among businesses and individuals to arrange data in tabular form. For this, spreadsheets and databases are used.

”CSV file example notepad”

These files are actually plain text files that organize data in rows and columns, with each line representing a record and each field separated by a comma or another delimiter, such as a semicolon or tab. Here's a brief introduction to CSV files, including their functions and advantages:

Functions of CSV Files

Data Storage:

The primary purpose of CSV files is to store data. These files store structured data in a human-readable and machine-readable format. They are commonly employed to save data that can be easily imported into databases, spreadsheet software, or other applications.

Data Export and Import:

CSV files are a universal format for transferring data between different applications and platforms. They are supported by a wide range of software, making it easy to export data from one program and import it into another.

Data Interchange:

CSV files are often used to exchange data between systems and databases. They serve as a common intermediary format for sharing data with partners, clients, and other organizations.  

Advantages of CSV Files


CSV files are plain text files with a straightforward structure, making them easy to create, edit, and understand. They don't require special software to open or edit. You can use any text editor like Notepad to open these files. Excel and WPS Spreadsheets can also open these files.

Wide Compatibility:

CSV files are compatible with virtually all spreadsheet software, database systems, and programming languages. This universal support ensures data can be easily shared and integrated across different platforms.

Small File Size:

CSV files are typically smaller in size compared to proprietary file formats. This is because these files don’t contain any formatting or shaped. This makes them efficient for storing and transmitting data, especially over networks.


CSV files are easy for both humans and machines to read, making them a preferred choice for data representation in any way you want.


CSV files allow flexibility in terms of delimiters. Users can choose to separate fields using commas, semicolons, tabs, or other characters based on their needs.

Platform Independence:

CSV files are platform-independent, meaning they can be created, opened, and edited on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.

No Database Required:

Unlike more complex database formats, CSV files do not require a database management system to store and manage data, making them a simple and accessible choice for small-scale data storage.

Methods of Creating a CSV File in WPS Office

Just like Microsoft Office, WPS also provides you with an easy way to create CSV files. If you don’t know, WPS Office is a complete Office Suite with functionalities and features similar to Microsoft Office.

So, just like Microsoft Excel, a program is available in WPS Office that is used to create and edit spreadsheets, and so are the CSV files. This program is called WPS Spreadsheets.

To understand how to create a CSV file in the WPS Office, read the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: To create a CSV file in WPS Office, you will have to open the WPS Office on your PC. Inside the WPS Office, select the Spreadsheets program and open a blank document.

”WPS Spreadsheets option”

Step 2: Once you have opened a blank spreadsheet in WPS, you will have to open a file you want to make a CSV file from. Here, we will go to the Menu, select the Open option, and then click the file we want to open in WPS.

”WPS Spreadsheet open option”

Step 3: After you have opened the file and made any necessary changes you want to make, you will have to click the Menu option and then go to Save As option to save your file as a CSV file.

”WPS Spreadsheet save as”

Step 4: In the save menu, click the File Type and then select the CSV file option from multiple choices available in the menu.

”WPS Spreadsheet CSV file”

Step 5: After selecting the file type, click the Save button below it, and your file will be saved in a location where you want it. You can also choose a specific location on your PC to save your file if you want.

”WPS CSV file save”

Following these ways mentioned above, you can easily create a CSV file in WPS Office Spreadsheets. As you can see, the process is pretty simple and straightforward and you don’t have to do anything techy. You can find the saved file in the location you saved it and then use it however you want.

Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Excel - WPS Office

WPS Office is a popular and feature-rich free alternative to Microsoft Excel. It offers a range of tools for creating, editing and managing spreadsheets, including the ability to work with CSV files, which are widely used for data storage and exchange.

”WPS Office applications”

In addition to handling CSV files, WPS Spreadsheets can also save and convert files to PDF format, making it a versatile solution for various office and document-related tasks.

Here are some key features and advantages of using WPS Office as a free alternative to Microsoft Excel:

1. Compatibility:

WPS Spreadsheets provides excellent compatibility with Microsoft Excel file formats, ensuring that you can open, edit, and save .xlsx files without compatibility issues.

2. Feature-Rich:

It offers a comprehensive set of features, including support for formulas, functions, charts, data analysis tools, and data visualization options.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

WPS Office features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that resembles Microsoft Office. This makes it easy for users to use it.

4. Collaboration:

Similar to Excel Online, WPS Office allows for real-time collaboration on spreadsheets, enabling multiple users to edit and comment on documents simultaneously.

5. PDF Conversion:

As you mentioned, WPS Spreadsheets includes the ability to save and convert files to PDF format, which is valuable for sharing and presenting data in a standardized format.

6. Additional Office Tools:

WPS Office includes word processing (WPS Writer) and presentation (WPS Presentation) applications. All these features allow users to handle various office tasks within a single suite. You can not only create a CSV file in spreadsheets but can then convert it to PDF and share it as you want.

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FAQs about Creating a CSV file in WPS Office

1. How can I convert a CSV file back to Spreadsheet format?

Follow these steps mentioned below to convert CSV file back to spreadsheet format:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel on your PC

Step 2: Open the CSV file you want to convert back to spreadsheet format

Step 3: Review and adjust data as you want and go to the File menu on the upper header

Step 4: Click the Save As button and save the file in .xlsx format

Step 5: This format is spreadsheet format, and now your file can be opened in MS Excel.

2. Can I create multiple sheets within a single CSV file?

No! You can’t create multiple sheets within a single CSV file. It is impossible.

How to Create a CSV File in WPS Office – Made Easy

In the above paragraphs, we saw how to create a CSV file in WPS and then use this file in Excel and text format. The process is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is have WPS Office on your PC, open WPS Spreadsheets on it, and create or convert CSV files back and forth as you want.

WPS Office offers a simple and easy-to-use interface accessible to anyone. Whether you have worked with MS Excel or not, you can easily adapt to WPS spreadsheets and work with them as you want.

The best thing about working with WPS Office and not Microsoft Office is that Microsoft Office will charge you a monthly subscription or one-time fee to download and use it on your PC. Also, MS Office doesn’t have a PDF file feature to convert files back and forth to PDFs. So, the best Office Suite you can use is WPS Office.

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