How to Use Page Layout View in Excel (Easy Ways)

August 31, 2023 3.2K views

The Page Layout View is a powerful tool for previewing your document's appearance before printing. This enables effortless adjustments to achieve perfect page alignment. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using the page layout view Excel feature to get a better grip on the data presentation while enhancing your document presentation.

What is Page Layout View?

Page Layout View in Excel stands as one of three primary worksheet views. It brings clarity by dividing your worksheet into individual pages, facilitating content arrangement. This view reveals the complete page layout, encompassing margins, headers, and footers. It empowers you to:

  • Easily identify page breaks.

  • Incorporate headers and footers.

  • Customize margins through the intuitive manipulation of gray boxes on the ruler.

  • Gain a holistic print preview, offering insights into the final printed page's appearance.

How to Use Page Layout View?

Method 1: Using the View Tab in Excel

To access the Page Layout view using the View tab in Excel:

Step 1: Launch Excel and open a sample file on your system.

Step 2: Navigate to the "View" tab at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Click on the "Page Layout" option right next to the “Page Break Preview” in the Excel ribbon.

Step 4: In this view, your page appears as sheets, resembling physical papers. This helps you preview how your data will be printed on the sheet.

Step 5: Use the ruler to fine-tune page settings and layout adjustments.

Step 6: Additionally, you can customize the view further using the Show section by hiding rulers, the formula bar, and gridlines according to your preferences.

Step 7: To exit Page Layout View in Excel, just click on the "Normal" option. This will switch you back to the regular view of the Excel spreadsheet.

This approach provides easy and direct access to the page layout view in Excel. It's simple to follow and allows you to make minor adjustments swiftly, ideal for quick changes before printing a document.

Method 2: Use the Pagout Layout View Button

You can easily enter Page Layout View by clicking the small button at the bottom right corner. A single click will switch to this view.

To exit, just click the Normal View button next to Page Layout View in Excel.

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How Do I Get Out of the Page Layout View in Excel?

Method 1: In the "Workbook Views" group, click on the "Normal" button.

This will switch your view back to the default Normal view of your spreadsheet.

Method 2: Locate the small "Normal Layout View" button at the bottom right corner of the Excel window.

Click on this button to exit Page Layout View and return to the Normal view of your spreadsheet.

Resonating Reminder:

The Page Layout view in Excel serves as your window into how your worksheet will look once it's printed, granting you greater influence over its presentation. While this tool proves invaluable for print-ready preparation, don't forget to harmonize your view with printer settings to ensure the optimal outcome. Your attention to this synchronization will guarantee the finest results in your printed documents.

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1. Why is there no Page Layout in Excel?

If you can't find the Page Layout tab in Excel, try the following steps:

Step 1: Right-click on the Ribbon (the top menu bar) and select "Customize the Ribbon".

Step 2: Look for the "Page Layout" tab in the list and make sure it's added. You can also check if the "Page Layout" tab is already checked.

Step 3: Adding or checking the tab should make the Page Layout features accessible in the Excel Ribbon.

2. What is a page layout also called?

A page layout, sometimes known simply as a layout, is a composition of map components arranged on a digital page intended for map printing. These components commonly include data frames (each containing an organized set of map layers), a scale bar, a north arrow, a map title, explanatory text, and a legend.

Enhancing Excel's Page Layout View and Beyond

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