Add checkbox on excel 2016

July 26, 2022

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You can add checkbox on Excel so that you can check or select the boxes in your spreadsheet. Readers will be able to answer different questions comfortably, or they will be able to select an option within your Excel table.

Below you will know how to add checkbox on Excel in simple steps.

How to add checkbox on Excel 2016?

To add checkbox on excel 2016, you only have to follow the following steps:

1. You first need to have the Developer tab on your ribbon. If you don't have the developer ribbon, you can add it by going to File> Options> customize ribbon and then selecting the Developer checkbox. Then click OK.

2. When you are in the Developer tab, you will need to select Insert, then select the checkbox icon under Form Controllers.

3. In your worksheet, you will need to click where you want to add the checkbox. You will have the opportunity to type to edit the default text after you insert the check box. You will also be able to right-click the checkbox to edit other features.

4. Options for formatting the checkbox can include text color, fill color, and borders, among many more options. For this step, you must right-click and select Format Control.

Note: Keep in mind that any edits to the checkbox must be made with the right mouse button. If you use the left button, it will check or uncheck the box.

These steps can also be used to add checkbox on excel 2019.

How to add multiple checkboxes with the fill handler?

If you want to know how to add checkbox on Excel or add multiple checkboxes, you can follow the steps below:

1. Put the checkbox in a cell. If you want to add a checkbox for the month of the year, start with January in cell B2. Select cell B2, click the fill handle at the bottom right corner of the cell and drag it to row 13.

3. You will be able to get 11 checkboxes (in cells B3:B13) with the same text.

These boxes will be copies of the initial one in cell B2 and have the same settings. But each checkbox will be generated automatically, i.e., checkbox 2 will appear, checkbox 3, etc.

As you can see in the image, the name in the name box is new, while the text is the same. Linked cell D2 will also not change and will be the same for all checkboxes.

If you change any of the new checkboxes, the D2 value will change to true, and the other checkboxes will also change.

4. Now, you can change the link of cells D3, D4, etc. corresponding to each checkbox. Each box will be linked to a separate cell, and you will be able to see a value for each box.

With these steps, you can add checkbox on excel online and have a more professional worksheet.

How to format a checkbox in Excel on Windows and Mac?

To add checkbox on Excel and format it, you can follow these steps:

1. To start, you will need to open the format control.

2. Modify the cell value and link, then click OK.

If you're using Windows, you'll need to right-click the checkbox and select Format Control. If you are using a Mac, you must go to the Format tab and select Format Control.

With value, there are 3 options you can use:

• Checked: Show the checked box and return a True statement.

• Unchecked: You can show a box that is not checked and returns a False statement.

• Mixed: In this option, the checkbox will be empty as a true or false statement until an action can be taken.

Once you have these details, you can start customizing your checkbox. Add checkbox on excel mac is a simple and quick process; you will not need to be an expert to perform the function.


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