How to add hyperlinks to PDF

January 13, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

With WPS PDF, you can read, take annotation, compress, convert PDF to jpg, highlight, search, process & edit PDF documents on Windows, Mac, PC, and Android platforms.

Adding hyperlinks to a file is a terrific way to make your document have a great impression and more connections or references.PDF is usually seen as a format that cannot be edited, let alone insert hyperlinks. If you want to add a hyperlink in your PDF, here’s how.

1. Open your file in WPS PDF.

2. Head to the Edit tab, then click Link > Add/Edit Link. A small cross will appear, allowing you to select the area where you want to insert the hyperlink.

3. After selecting the area, a Create Link window will pop up, where you can set the Line Style, Link Type, Line Width, Line Color at Facade, and the references at Link Action.

4. In this case, we want the line color to be red and link to a website related to our content. Choose red at Line color and check Open URL, then enter the website address in the edit box. Finally, click OK.

5. Then, change the Select Tool to Hand Tool in the Edit tab, by doing so, when you place your cursor in the selected area and click the link, a security warning will pop up. You can click Allow to jump to that website.

6. If you want to remove the hyperlink, click Link > Remove all Links.

Note: This operation will remove all links in your file. Be careful.

How to add hyperlinks to PDF.4.gif

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