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How to draw a column chart in WPS Spreadsheet

Uploaded time: August 31, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to draw a column chart in WPS Spreadsheet

How to draw a column chart in WPS Spreadsheet

A Column chart can help us to visually compare data differences and is also one of the chart styles often used in work.

Take this table as an example, how can we quickly compare the differences in sales of each country each country's sales?

1. Click Insert, click Chart, and click Column.

2. Click the column with the mouse, and then the editing window will pop up on the right. Then, we can modify the color of the column in FILL&LINE.  

3. Click SERIES. We can adjust the gap between the columns in the Series Overlap, and the width of the columns can be adjusted in the Gap Width.

Now we find that we cannot clearly see the differences between data clearly in this chart because the sales in several countries are very close. In this situation, we can double-click the ordinate axis to pup up an editing window on the right.

1. Click AXIS OPTIONS, and then chooseAxis. Then, we can adjust Minimum in Bounds.

Since the sales of all countries have exceeded 500,000, we can enter 500000 here to change the height of the column.

2. Now, click Add Chart Element and select Data Labels.

In this way, we can see the differences between data very intuitively.

We can also make separate comparisons for the sales of some countries.

1. Click Chart Filters on the right of the chart.

2. Check the month and country of the required data. In this way, we can compare the data we want quickly.

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