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How to insert a checkmark in Word Document

July 22, 2022

When making a Word document, it is important to know how to take advantage of the elements that we can find in it. It is the case of inserting a checkmark in Word to place a mark that allows us to identify an element in the document.

Inserting a checkmark in Word is extremely important for those who usually work with many elements in the document. It will allow you to have everything in a much more organized way, which will result in a much easier activity to carry out.

How to insert a checkmark in Word?

Toinsert a checkmark in Word, there are many ways to do it, but the most ideal is to do it from the interface provided by Word. To insert these verification marks, you must use the instructions shown here.

1. For the document to work open, you must go to the insert tab to view the other options in this section.

2. Go to the Symbol option located in the panel's upper right corner and select the More symbols option.

3. Once you can see the extended menu of the symbols, select the Font and locate the one called Wingdings.

4. Once the new symbols section is loaded, you must lower the sidebar to the end, and you will be able to see the verification mark. You only have to select it, and you can use it.

How to insert a checkmark in word on mac devices?

Not all people use similar devices, so software like Word has had to be adapted to other types of systems. Follow these instructions if you are a mac user and want to insert a checkmark in Word.

1. With the Word document open, you must select where you want to place the checkmark and then click on the Insert menu.

2. A collapsible submenu will appear. Select the symbols option and click on advanced symbols.

3. Once the symbols are displayed, set the Font to Wingdings.

4. Select the verification symbol and proceed to press Insert.

How to insert a checkmark in word 2017 with the keyboard?

One of the little-known and relatively easiest ways to enter symbols into a Word document is using the keyboard and the ASCII code system. This makes insert a checkmark in Word a super-fast task that allows you to avoid the whole process of searching for a symbol.

1. To use this method, you must go to the document to edit. Select the area where you want to place the checkmark with the cursor.

2. Press the ALT key and leave it pressed on the keyboard.

3. With the key still pressed, use the numeric keypad to type the number 10003. Release the Alt key, and the verification symbol will automatically appear. If you want more symbols quickly, check the ASCII code of each of them.

How to insert a checkmark in word online using a character map?

Using the insert a checkmark in Word is only recommended if no other option can be used. This is because it is usually very complicated for many users, and it should be noted that soil can be used on windows.

1. In the system file browser, type character map and select it when displayed in the search results.

2. Once the character map is open, select the Font and place it in Wingdings 2.

3. A series of symbols will be displayed, and you must find the one you want. Select the symbol and click on Copy. Open the Word document and paste the symbol into the Word document.

There are many ways you can insert a checkmark in Word, no matter what system you're running it on. If you want to use various tools to edit documents, your best option is downloading WPS office.

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