How to insert calendar in excel

July 25, 2022

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Calendars are an important tool if you find yourself with many scheduled activities per day, especially if you want to organize them in a not tedious way to review. Given this, you must know the ways to insert calendar in excel, this being a program that is surely part of your routines.

If you haven't fully adapted to how it works yet, you can start with these simple tasks that don't always require online tools other than Excel. Take into account all the steps to follow and, for sure, you will get all the results you want when you insert calendar in excel.

How to insert calendar in excel with templates?

To develop this practice, you can use templates in the creation process, for which you must apply the following steps to insert calendar in excel:

1. Open excel in a new file and select the Calendar option located below the search bar.

2. Among the options displayed, choose the one that best suits your needs (academic, work, business, etc.).

3. Press Create, and you will have your calendar saved automatically. You can edit its appearance and change its name whenever you want and need it.

How to insert calendar in excel manually?

This option in the creation of your calendar can be a bit more complex than the previous one, but you have the opportunity to give a more personalized touch in the following way:

1. Enter excel, and in the second row, place the name of the days of the week, each one in a cell horizontally.

2. Place the days of the month according to the days that correspond, aligning all the names in the best possible way and size that you prefer.

3. Continue the same process with all the months horizontally or vertically, as you prefer, and then title the file with the corresponding year.

How to insert calendar in excel mac?

Different from the 2 previous options, this system is completely aimed at Mac devices since they have a different type of configuration in which you must work in the following way:

1. Select the month and calendar with the dates, clicking later on Today so that you can locate yourself on the date you are with ISO numbers.

2. Take the option to Insert a live calendar to be able to place it in the worksheet, having the calendar update in each change made.

3. Go to the settings and customize your entire calendar regarding appearance, reminders, and date expressions.

You have the opportunity to insert calendar in excel with three different modalities, so you can use the one you prefer and that suits your needs because, in reality, all of them will give you benefits. If you use the first option, everything will be simple, but you may not have as many customization tools.

Although the second option may be uncomfortable, it would be an excellent alternative to start learning about excel; and the third option is ideal for you if you have Mac computers at your disposal and want a practical calendar.

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