How to insert check box in excel

July 25, 2022

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Within Excel, a check box acts as a tool that you can use to select or deselect some option. Knowing insert check box Excel is quite important due to the versatility of this format.

The insert check box Excel can help you create interactive lists, dashboards, or dynamic charts. Therefore, you must know all the steps that will make it possible to have this function activated for your Excel files.

How to insert check box Excel quickly?

The good thing about this tool is that it is simple to find and configure. This is what you need to do if you want to insert check box Excel:

1. Go to the Developer tab, then Controls, Insert, and Form Controls to finally get to Check Boxes.

2. You must click on any area of your worksheet, and you will see how the check box will be automatically inserted.

3. Soon, it is necessary to link the box to a specific cell in Excel. Just click the right button inside the checkbox and look for Format Control.

4. Within the dialog box that will appear, you must make these changes:

• Value: Checked (This is to ensure that this box can be checked by default every time you open the file)

• Cell Link: $A$1 (refers to the cell that the checkbox links to). It is possible to determine this manually.

5. Click OK, and you will have your checkbox perfectly linked to cell A1. When you check that box, you will see TRUE in that cell, and when you uncheck it, FALSE will appear.

How can insert check box Excel multiple times?

There are many ways to insert check box Excel. These are the three easiest methods:

1. Insert through the Developer tab.

Here you must follow the previous procedure and repeat it several times. As it is evident, you will have to make the bindings to the cells manually each time. The checkboxes will have different names in their captions, such as Checkbox 1 and so on.

2. Copy and paste

It is only necessary to select an existing check box for this method and copy and paste it. You can use the keyboard shortcut of Control + D to make your job easier.

3. All the copied cells will be linked to the same cell of origin, so they must be changed manually. Also, the names of the titles will be the same, but their backend name will be different.

4. Drag and fill the cells.

If you have a checkbox inside a cell and you manage to drag the padding handle to the back, it will automatically create copies of this box.

How can you correct the position of the checkbox?

When the Excel check box is inserted, it is common that this affects the check boxes somehow when changing certain forms, such as the size of the cells. To prevent this from happening while insert check box excel mac, you should do this:

1. Left click and select Format Control.

2. Look for the tab that says properties.

3. Under Positioning objects, select Do not move or resize with cells. Click OK, and you're done.

Insert check box excel online is quite simple once you understand the basic processes, so it is good to research the best ways to insert check box Excel.

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