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How to print comments in word 2016 ?

June 15, 2022

Comments are sometimes necessary when creating a document since they can give suggestions or corrections. Word is one of the most used tools, with several updated versions. Today you can even print comments in Word. If you need them, you will see how easy and fast this technique is.

Regarding group work, it must have comments to provide some suggestions or review functions. Both you and your team will be able to know their point of view through the comments. For that reason, this guide shows you how to print comments in Word. Prepare your documents to share. This way, you will permit other authors to correct it.

How to print comments or other authors in Word?

Before sharing any document, you must allow editing this way. You can print comments in Word. You can also print only the comments without including the text. Below are the steps by steps to achieve this technique.

1. Enter your Word document and click on the Review tab. You will find the Show comments tab if it is not shown there.

2. Once the comments are displayed, click on Person this will allow you to view and print comments in Word 2010.

3. Go to the Files tab.

4. Click on the Print tab and make sure the comments appear in the preview. If you only want to print the comments, select print comments in Word”

5. Finally, click on Print.

How to print comments when doing teamwork?

You also have the option to remove comments from your work if you don't need them at work. Although these are essential when doing teamwork, you can easily print comments in Word on Mac.

1. Select the Review tab – Show comments.

2. Click on the People logos so that you allow other users to edit and print comments in Word 2013.

3. Go to File.

4. Select Print and check if the comments appear in the preview.

5. Click on Print to get your work printed.

How to print comments in word a document?

You will notice a logo on the left side of the document about the comments, where they give you suggestions or corrections. Printing comments in Word is one of the simplest methods, but this guide will help you put it into practice.

1. Go to the tab found in the Review bar.

2. Several options will appear. Select Show comments.

3. Then allow others to edit the document by clicking Person.

4. Click on File.

5. Click on Print, and the preview will show you the document and the comments.

6. Select Print.

You can print comments in Word with a different color, in case it is group work. Thousands of people use this method to offer an opinion about it, be it a suggestion or correction, among others. Any author can reply to comments by editing comments, which is much more efficient when working.

WPS Academy is the one that offers more information about Word articles and print comments in Word. There is even a high variety of articles available, where you can find all the techniques and features of Word. You can now print comments in Word 2016, one of the most updated versions so far.

Many people already choose this platform, and even more so when it comes to print comments in Word. Best of all, you can download WPS Office for free to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, to have information and pleasantly create your work.

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