How to reduce size of PDF to desired size in WPS Office

March 18, 2022

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· Quick steps to reduce size of PDF in WPS Office.
· What is WPS Office?

Are you wondering how to reduce the size of a PDF file to desired size when printing? WPS Academy is here to introduce you to a quick and practical method of changing Page Size.

· Quick steps to reduce size of PDF in WPS Office.

1. Open your PDF file in WPS Office.

2. Click the Menu button in the upper left corner > Print.

3. In the Page Setup area, choose the desired size at the Page Size drop-down menu. Here we choose A5 for demonstration.

4. Then click Print to save the settings.

Note: No change can be found on the screen after setting, but you can get the desired page size when you print out the PDF file.

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· What is WPS Office?

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