Numbering items in a worksheet

September 28, 2021

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· Option 1:

1. Open the spreadsheet with WPS Office.

2. Enter the beginning number in the first cell where we want to start the numbering. In the example below, the numbering will start from the number “1”.

3. Select the cell range to be filled.

4. Click the Fill button again  choose series  change the settings as demonstrated below

a. Series in: choose “Columns”

b. Type: choose “Linear”

c. Step value: enter “1” (from which to start the numbering)

d. Stop value: enter “14” (where the numbering will end)

5. Click OK to complete operation. 

· Option 2:

1. Enter the first two numbers in the first two cells where to start the numbering. In the demonstration below, “1” and “2” are respectively input in cellsA2 and A3.

2. Select cellsA2 and A3, and place the cursor at the right-bottom corner of the beginning cell, until the symbol “+” presents.

3. Use the mouse to drag the symbol “+” to the cell where we want the numbering ends.

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