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Quickly change the background transparency of image in WPS Office Word

July 31, 2023

Welcome to WPS Academy! Are you still struggling to use Photoshop to make the image background transparent? A free tutorial will show you how to change the background transparency of image in WPS Office Word in detail.You can quickly achieve this effect within 4 steps.

In many cases, we need to remove the background of an image and keep the content only. At this time, the Set Transparent Color function built in WPS system is the most convenient choice.

lSteps to change the background transparency of image in WPS Office Word

1. Open the word document with an image in WPS Office.

2. Click the image and go to the Picture Tools tab.

3. Click the Set Transparent Color button, and there appears an eyedropper, with which we can select the color to change to transparent.

4. Click the desired color, and now we have changed the background transparency of image with one click.


In today's tutorial, we learned about how to quickly change the background transparency of image in WPS Office Word. Did you get it? Have a try now.

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