Quickly download and install WPS Office on Windows 10

March 24, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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l What is WPS Office
l Steps to download and install WPS Office on Windows 10

Welcome to WPS Official Academy! You must need handy office software at both workplace and campus, and WPS Office is the best choice for you. Wondering how to quickly download and install WPS Office on Windows 10? Continue to read and master it in 3 minutes!

What is WPS Office

WPS Office is ahigh-performance and user-friendly office software launched by the Kingsoft team of China. Since 1988, WPS Office has never stopped improving its functions and user experience. As an all-in-one office suite, WPS Office contains four modules including WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF editor, which are comparable to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With the specialized study platform, WPS Academy, supporting WPS Office, you are sure to use WPS Office easily and professionally.

Steps to download and install WPS Office on Windows 10

WPS Office is perfectly compatible with the Windows 10 system. Now let's check how to download and install with easy steps.

1. Open your browser and enter the website address: https://www.wps.com/

(Or you can simply click the hyperlink to safely open our official site.)

2. Click the Free Download button and WPS will automatically download the version suitable for Windows 10 system for you.

3. In the lower-left corner, you'll be notified that wps_wid.exe is being downloaded. Open it when it is over.


4. After the Setup page is activated, click to choose the language as needed in the upper-right corner, check to agree with privacy policy and click Install Now.

5. It may take you two minutes to install. After this, WPS Office will be opened up. Click the Guest button to log in and enjoy your journey with WPS Office!


After installing WPS Office on Windows 10, set out to improve your work in WPS Office right now! You're welcome to visit WPS Academy to check more free tutorials guiding you through all the basics and part of the advanced office techniques.

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Free download WPS Office on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Make your work easy and your performance stand out with WPS Office, the best alternative to Microsoft office suite!