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What is WPS Office? Enumerate 5 reasons why people choose it

March 21, 2022

Are you searching for WPS Office? Welcome to WPS Official Academy to check the convincing reasons why we genuinely recommend youto download and use WPS Office as your office software. It only takes you five minutes to read this article, and then you will have a better knowledge of WPS Office and its powerful features.

lWhat is WPS Office?

WPS Office is a lightweight, feature-rich comprehensive office suite with high compatibility launched by the Kingsoft team. As a handy and professional office software, WPS Office allows you to edit files in Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF to improve your work efficiency.

Considered as the best alternative to MicroSoft office suite, WPS Office is trusted and downloaded by over 200,000 of the world’s leading organizations; involving industries such as the internet; high-tech; finance; construction; manufacturing; retail and many others.

Since 1988, we have never stopped improving the features of WPS Office to better fulfill the requirements of users and bring the best office experience.

lWhy should I choose WPS Office?

There are plenty of reasons why WPS Office will perfectly meet your demands on a high performing office software.

Ø Concise user interface and clear guide

The user interfaces are so concise and the categorization of functions are so logical that you can easily locate the feature you want to use.

Ø 100,000+ exquisite templates

In WPS Template Store, you can find over 100,000 templates elaborated by our professional designers, enabling your performance to stand out. Besides, the template library covers templates of various styles and themes, ranging from resume, office, education, to work.


Ø Multiple language support

As an international and world-leading office software, WPS Office supports 13 languages on PC and 46 languages on mobile, which definitely meet your requirements of multi-linguistic cooperation in work.


Ø High compatibility with platforms and file formats

WPS Office is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, Linus, Android and iOS, and supports 47 file formats, including .doc, .dot, .htm, .xml, .xls, .xla, .dps, .ppt, ,jpg, .pdf, etc.


Ø Unique features improving your work efficiency

Furthermore, WPS Office provides the users with more unique features especially designed for the users of different groups.

For example, Student Tools, Eye Protection Mode, File Collect, and Presentation Tool.

lWhere can I download WPS Office?

It's recommended to download WPS Office on our official site: https://www.wps.com/.

Alternatively, you can search WPS Office in your App store.

Check out these tips and tricks to master WPS Office in WPS Academy. Whether you need to create a report, write a letter, update your resume, create a cover page or add a cross reference, free WPS Office is ready and waiting. Learn how to take your Word, PPT, Excel and PDF from plain to exceptional. Find out the tips and tricks you need to know so that you can use Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet and PDF like a pro!

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