Save One Page Of A PDF In 2024 | Step By Step Guide

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A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format compatible with all devices and independent of the software, hardware, or operating system they are viewed on. This format is password-protected and encrypted to prevent unwanted access or editing. One of the common advantages of the PDF format is that it enables users to extract a certain page of the PDF to make it easy to share or distribute. As well as being used for printing, PDFs maintain the formatting across a variety of printers and devices.

If you are looking for an accurate method of How to Save One Page of a PDF, then you're at the right spot. Here, I will discuss some effective methods that will help you save one PDF page easily.

1. Save One Page of a PDF Using WPS Office

WPS Office is a free PDF editor software compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac systems. It has various features, such as document editing, formatting, and viewing PDF documents. In addition, It also includes a word processor, Spreadsheet programs, and presentation maker. It works effectively in the perspective of saving one page of a PDF easily. This software makes it a versatile option for users who work with different types of documents, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Below is the Step by Step instructions that you need to follow to save one page of a PDF:

Step 1: Open the desired PDF document in the WPS Office.

Step 2: Once you open the document, Click on the PAGE option in the top menu.

Step 3: After clicking on the PAGE option, select the specific page that you want to save and after that, Click on the EXTRACT PAGE option.

Step 4: An extract page popup menu will appear; here, you need to make some desired changes and click on the Extract Page button.

Step 5: The specific page in the PDF document will be saved on your device.

2. Save One Page of a PDF Using SmallPDF Online

Smallpdf is a free online software that allows users to manipulate, compress, and convert PDF files. This software offers a range of tools for converting PDFs to Word, Excel, PPT, and JPG. This software can also be used to unlock, split, merge, and password-protect your files. It also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it accessible to anyone. Smallpdf is more effective in the sense of saving one page of PDF easily.

Below is the procedure for How to save one page of a PDF:

Step 1: Search save one page of PDF using SmallPDF on the Google search engine.

Step 2: Inside the Smallpdf tool, upload the PDF file by clicking on the CHOOSE FILE option.

Step 3: The file uploading will start, and on the next screen, choose the EXTRACT PAGE option and click the EXTRACT button.

Step 4: The pages of the PDF file will appear; choose the desired page you want to save and click on the EXTRACT button at the top right corner of the screen.

Step5: In this way, the single page of the PDF will be saved.

3. Save One Page Of a Pdf Using Soda PDF Offline

To save one page of a PDF using Soda PDF, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the PDF document in Soda PDF.

Step 2: Go to the page that you want to save.

Step 3: Click on the Page tab in the top menu.

Step 4: Select the Extract option from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: In the Extract Pages window, select the range of pages you want to extract. If you only want to extract one page, enter the same page number in the From and To fields.

Step 6: Choose a location to save the extracted page.

Tips for Saving One Page of a PDF

Below are the tips you need to follow to save one page of a PDF.

👍 You can also save a single PDF page by using the Print option in any PDF viewer.

👍 If you want to perform the process quickly, you need to use an Online PDF converter tool to split and extract specific pages.

👍 Make sure to keep a backup copy of important and confidential documents.

👍 It is important to save the extracted page with a different name from the original document to avoid losing the original.


Can I save one page of a PDF as a Word document?

Yes, you can save a single page of a PDF as a Word document easily by using PDF converter software.

Can I password-protect the saved page of the PDF using WPS Office?

Before saving, you can password-protect the saved PDF page using WPS Office's PDF Encryption option.

Saving one page of a PDF document can easily be achieved by using PDF editor software. These tools have the ability to select and export a specific page as a separate PDF file. In this way, you can efficiently manage and organize your files when you only need part of a larger document. The WPS Office is the one PDF editor that helps you to save a specific page of a large PDF document effectively.

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