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How to analyze trends with sparklines in WPS Office Excel

February 18, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academyto check the contents of how to analyze trends in excel. You are sure to master the ability of analyzing trends after reading this tutorial!

We can use a Sparkline to visualizethe trend of a set of data. Let's have a try step by step.

Here we take a set of sales data as an example. Suppose we want to know and analyze the sales trends of Beijing and Shanghai.

1. Head to the Insert tab, click the Line button to pop up a dialog.

2. Set the Data Range to create a sparkline. (Here we select B4:H4 for demonstration.)

3. Set the Location Range to place the sparkline. (Here we select $I$2 for demonstration.)

Then you can follow the same steps to create a sparkline for Shanghai.

With these simple steps, you are able to analyze trends of a set of data quickly and freely. Did you get it?

· Terms Explanation about WPS Office

1. What is sparkline in WPS Spreadsheet?

Sparkline is a mini chart that visualizes the trend of a set of data. It works like an ordinary chart but it can be embedded into one cell or multiple cells as needed. In WPS Office, you can create sparklines quickly with the Line function.

2. What is WPS spreadsheet?

WPS Spreadsheet is a module of WPS Office(an acronym for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet). WPS Spreadsheet is consistent with Excel document, which helps users to work with high efficiency. Its personal basic version is free to use and it also provides abundant functions and unique features for you to explore.

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WPS Office Spreadsheet is helpful for various fields of studies: mathematics, statistics, data science, engineering, finance, and such. Rich in functions paired with teaching procedures, WPS Office Spreadsheet definitely is a professional and reliable toolkit.

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