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How to Count Blank Excel Cells in WPS Spreadsheet [Step-by-Step Guide]

November 10, 2023

Are you looking to master the art of counting blank cells in your WPS Spreadsheet? This step-by-step guide offers a user's perspective, complete with real examples and screenshots for each method. We've explored every function in WPS ourselves to provide you with a comprehensive guide. Let's dive in!

Part 1: Count Function in WPS Spreadsheet

In WPS Spreadsheet, you can use various functions related to counting data in your worksheets. These functions help you analyze and summarize information efficiently. Let's explore some of the most commonly used count functions: COUNT, COUNTIF, and COUNTBLANK.

COUNT: The COUNT function in WPS Spreadsheet is a straightforward way to count the number of cells that contain numerical values within a given range. It does not consider empty cells or text; it only counts numbers.

Example: Suppose you have a list of test scores in cells A1 through A10, and you want to count how many of them. You can use the COUNT function as follows: =COUNT(A1:A10) This formula will count the total number.


COUNTIF: The COUNTIF function allows you to count cells that meet a specific condition. It's more versatile than COUNT because it can count cells based on text, numerical values, or criteria you specify.

Example: Let's say you have a list of product sales in cells B1 through B10, and you want to count how many sales were greater than $500. You can use COUNTIF like this: =COUNTIF(B1:B10,">500") This formula counts the number of cells in the range that contain values greater than $500.


COUNTBLANK: COUNTBLANK is a useful function to count the number of empty cells within a given range. This function helps you identify missing or incomplete data.

Example: If you have a list of customer names in cells C1 through C10 and you want to know how many of them have missing email addresses (blank cells in column D), you can use COUNTBLANK like this: =COUNTBLANK(D1:D10) This formula will count the number of blank cells in the specified range.


Part 2: How to Count Blank Excel Cells in WPS Spreadsheet

The COUNTBLANK function is used to count the number of blank cells in a range. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Open WPS Spreadsheet and select the cell where you want to display the result.

Step 2: Enter “COUNTBLANK." Formula

enter count blank

Step 3: Choose the range of cells you want to count.

Choose cell range

Step 4: Press Enter to get the count of blank cells


Part 3: How to Count Blank Excel Cells in WPS Spreadsheet Using Find and Replace

You can also use Find and Replace to count blank cells in WPS Spreadsheet. Here’s how:

Step 1: Select the range where you need to count blank cells, then press the Ctrl + F hotkey.

Note: If you select only one cell, Find and Replace will search the entire table.

Step 2: Press "Options" and check the "Match entire cell contents" checkbox.

Press option

Match cell

Step 3: Pick either "Formulas" or "Values" from the "Look in:" drop-down list.

  • If you choose "Values," the tool will count all empty cells, including pseudo-blank ones.

  • Select "Formulas" to search for empty cells only, excluding cells with blank formulas or spaces.

Pick option

Step 5: Press the "Find All" button to view the results, where you will find the number of blank cells in the bottom-left corner.


Part 4: Benefits of Using WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office is a modernized and powerful suite of office tools that provides a versatile solution for various productivity needs. It offers a range of applications similar to those found in Microsoft Office, including Writer for word processing, Presentation for creating slideshows, and Spreadsheets for data analysis, making it a comprehensive alternative to other office software.

Key benefits of using WPS Office include:

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility: WPS Office supports different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that you can work on your documents seamlessly across various devices.

  2. WPS AI: WPS Office incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) features, such as intelligent writing assistance and document analysis. These AI-driven tools enhance your productivity by providing suggestions for improving your writing and simplifying complex tasks.

  3. Modern Interface: WPS Office features a modern and user-friendly interface, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate and work with its applications. The interface is designed for efficiency and ease of use.

In my experience, using WPS Office has been quite convenient. The software provides a robust set of features and tools for document creation, editing, and collaboration, similar to Microsoft Office. The cross-platform compatibility has been particularly useful for me, as it allows me to access and work on my documents from different devices seamlessly.

For more information, you can visit the official WPS Office website at wps.com or explore their AI capabilities at wps.ai. Additionally, you can find templates to enhance your document creation at wps.template.com.

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How do I remove blank cells in WPS Excel?

To remove blank cells in WPS Excel, select your data range, open the "Go To" window using Ctrl+G or through the Home tab's "Find and Replace" option, choose "Blanks," and click "Go To" to highlight empty cells. Right-click any highlighted blank cell and select "Delete Entire Row."

Can I edit Excel files using WPS?

Absolutely, you can edit Excel files using WPS Office, specifically WPS Spreadsheet. WPS Spreadsheet is a powerful application that allows you to create, edit, and work with Excel files (both .xlsx and .xls formats). You can open existing Excel files, make changes, and save them in their original format.


In conclusion, mastering the art of counting blank cells in WPS Spreadsheet is made easy with our step-by-step guide. We've covered essential functions like COUNT, COUNTIF, and COUNTBLANK, providing real examples and screenshots for clarity. Additionally, we highlighted the benefits of using WPS Office, including its modern interface, powerful AI features, and cross-platform compatibility.

With WPS Office, you'll have a versatile and efficient tool at your disposal for all your office application needs. Explore more at wps.com and wps.ai, or enhance your document creation with templates at wps.template.com. Happy spreadsheet-ing!

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