How to delete a blank page in Word?

September 28, 2021
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Blank pages are mainly caused by breaks, such as line breaks, section breaks and page breaks.


In order to delete the blank pages, we can show the paragraph marks to know the cause of these blank pages.

Click the Show/Hide Editing Mark icon and check Show/Hide Paragraph Marks.


There are two methods to delete the breaks.

· Option 1: Delete the breaks manually

Delete all the breaks in the blank pages by pressing Backspace on the keyboard. Then the blank pages are deleted.


· Option 2: Delete the breaks in batches

This method can be used to delete the blank pages caused by line breaks.

Click the Home tab > Word Typesetting > Delete > Delete Blank Paragraph. Then the blank page is deleted.

Note that this method will delete all the line breaks in the article, so you can use it according to actual needs.


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