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How to make ppt presentation on laptop in WPS Office

March 19, 2024

Making an attractive ppt is the essential skill at both workplace and campus. A presentation enables your ideas to become more convincing and outstanding. In today's tutorial, WPS Academy will introduce you to the must-have skills on how to make ppt presentation in WPS Office on laptop.

Tricks on how to make ppt presentation on laptop in WPS Office

Note: Please click the following links to watch the video tutorials in detail.

Ø Shortcuts in making slides

First of all, here is a collection of the must-have shortcuts in making slides.

Enter / Enter + Shift = Insert a blank slide

Delete/Ctrl+Delete= Delete the current slide

Ctrl + the scroll wheel = Zoom in or out

Shift+ drag = Move the object horizontally ot vertically

Ctrl+Z= Undo the previous action

Ctrl+Y=Cancel the undo action.

Ø The core component of a PPTText

The text part is the core component of a ppt, whose cleanliness directly decides whether the audience could understand your points. Therefore, we need to align fonts properly.

font style.gif 

Set font style in WPS Presentation.

align font.gif 

Align fonts in WPS Presentation.

Ø Illustrate the informationof PPT: Shapes

Moreover, to visualize our slides, we can add some shapes to illustrate the information.

insert shape.gif 

Click to check how to insert shapes in WPS Presentation.

shape effect.gif 

Click to check how to set shape effects.

After this, it's necessary to align the shapes to make the layout clearer.

align shapr.gif 

Click to check how to align shapes.

Ø Make your slides dynamic and attrativeAnimation

Animation also helps a lot to make your slides dynamic and attrative.

customize animation.gif 

Click to check how to customize animations in a detailed way.

After setting a desired animation effect, you may find it troublesome to apply it to all the objects. Thus, we can use the Animation Painter in WPS Office.

animation effect.gif 

Click to checkhow to copy animation effects.

Ø Beautify theslide:Icon

Besides, WPS Office also offers the Icon Library to beautify your slides.

icon library.gif 

Click to check more details.

The above is how to make ppt presentation on laptop in WPS Office. Additionally, WPS Official Academy offers more useful tutorials covering the usage tips of Excel, Word and PDF. Quickly jump to the official site for more free tutorials via the following links.

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