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how to print in color on word document ?

June 15, 2022

When making a document, it is often necessary to use a background that requires a different color than the one usually seen. To carry out this procedure efficiently and quickly, it is necessary to know how to print in color on Word.

This way, we will be able to carry out high-quality work without making too much effort to achieve such results. Knowing how to print in color on Word can solve many problems when using a different color in your Word document.

How to print a word document in color quickly and easily?

Knowing how to print in color on Word 2010 is essential if you want to have at your disposal a high-quality document that is organized and easy to understand. If you want to apply these techniques effectively, you must know how to print in color on Word, and with these instructions, you will be able to do it.

1. To start the procedure, you must go to the Start tab and click on Options to display a menu of options. Next, go to the Screen section, and you will see a series of options to check or uncheck.

2. Go to the print options section and check the option shown as Print background image and color.

3. Once the corresponding option has been marked, go back to the File section and select Print in this way, you will be able to see a preview of the pages to be printed. You only have to select your previously configured printer and proceed to print the desired page.



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How to print color in Word using a mac?

Printing a Word file means being familiar with the interface you are using, and you can learn how to print in color on Word 2013 so that this task is not a difficult task to perform. Knowing how to print in color on Word can be a great advantage if you find yourself with a different interface than the one you usually use; follow these instructions to achieve great results.

1. Once in your Word file, go to the Print box. This way, a menu of options will be displayed where you can change various values.

2. Select the Copy and pages tab, and you can view and select the Xerox features option.

3. Once the new menu is displayed, select and deactivate the Xerox Black and White option to activate the color functions.

4. Save the established configuration by going to the Presets tab,

5. Once this is done, a new box will appear, allowing you to name the created configuration. In the same way, select the printer you want to use and proceed to print the file you want.

How to print in color on word 2016?

It is extremely useful to learn how to print in color on Word free to apply a color to all the pages of a document, thus being the most ideal for adding said color only to the selected pages. This way, when learning how to print in color on word a document, perform this task simply and effectively.

1. Go to the Insert tab, locate the Illustrations group and then select the Shapes option. In this way, you can select a rectangle and drag it over the desired page with the cursor.

2. Without pressing anywhere else and having the rectangle selected on the page, go to the Organize group, and once here, click on Send back.

3. Once the rectangle is established, press the Ctrl + D keys to generate a new copy of the rectangle and thus paste it on the desired sheets.

There are many ways to use colors in a Word document, which is why it is very important to learn how to make good use of how to print in color on Word. This will greatly help to carry out all your office tasks.


Q1. How can I ensure the colors in my printed document match what I see on the screen?

Follow these steps to make sure the colors in your printed document are accurate to what you see on the screen:

  • Setting up your monitor for accurate color display requires the use of a color calibration tool or piece of software.

  • Utilize color-managed applications: For accurate reproduction, use color-managed software that maintains color profiles.

  • Select the appropriate color settings: Based on your printing needs, choose the appropriate color settings (RGB or CMYK) in your document.

  • Verify the printer's settings: For accurate output, make sure your printer is using color management and the right color profile.

  • Carry out print tests Before printing the entire document, print a sample page or make test prints to ensure color accuracy.

Q2. Are there any limitations to color printing in Word?

Yes, color printing in Word has its limitations. Printer capabilities, variations in color accuracy between devices, and potential discrepancies in color rendering between the screen and print output are a few restrictions.

Q3. What should I do if my color prints come out faded or distorted?

Try the following steps if your color prints come out distorted or faded: 

  • Verify that the color settings on your printer are set properly. 

  • Verify that you have enough ink or toner.

  • Check the color accuracy of your printer. 

  • Make use of premium paper made for color printing. 

If the problem continues, think about cleaning or servicing your printer.

Q4. Is it possible to print specific pages or sections in color while keeping the rest in black-and-white?

Yes, you can print some pages or sections in color and leave the rest in black and white. In WPS Office, you can choose the pages or sections you want to print while defining their individual printing options using the "Print" dialogue box. Simply select the pages or portions of the document that you want to print in color, then adjust the color printing option to print only those portions of the document that you have selected in color.

Unleashing the Spectrum: Mastering Color Printing in Word

With this guide, you can confidently print Word documents in captivating colors, creating visually stunning materials. Explore the step-by-step instructions provided, whether you're using a Mac or Word 2016. Take control of your color printing journey and unlock the true potential of your Word documents with WPS Office - your ultimate companion for creative and vibrant document creation. To explore more WPS Office features, download their free Office suite and enjoy more premium features along with color printing.

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