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How to Translate Word Document Using AI

June 13, 2024

Being a writer isn't just about crafting words; it's also about immersing myself in a world of knowledge. As a tech enthusiast, I often find myself exploring manuals and documents in different languages to uncover unique perspectives and insights from around the world. In such instances, I rely heavily on WPS AI for its exceptional translation capabilities.

Not only is WPS Office a complete office suite that fulfills all my writing needs, but its AI-powered translation feature also does a phenomenal job in translating these documents seamlessly. In this guide, I'll show you how to translate Word document using AI effortlessly, so you too can tap into a wealth of global knowledge with ease.

How to Translate Word Document Using AI

As a copywriter, I'm constantly seeking ways to enhance my workflow and deliver top-notch content to my clients. When it comes to translating Word documents, WPS AI has been a game-changer for me. With its sync translation feature and powerful editing capabilities, I can seamlessly translate documents while retaining the flexibility to make precise edits.

Sync Translation with Editing Function

WPS AI's sync translation feature allows me to translate Word documents effortlessly. Whether I'm working on a client brief or a marketing proposal, I can translate the text with ease while maintaining the document's formatting and structure. For example, when I have  to translate a marketing campaign into multiple languages for a global client, WPS AI makes the process smooth and efficient.

WPS Writer Sync Translation

Another feature that I highly appreciate of WPS AI is its highlight function. This feature enables me to pinpoint specific sections of the document, making it easier to compare and edit content seamlessly. For instance, when translating a user manual for a tech product, I can highlight key instructions and ensure that the translated version is accurate and easy to understand.

WPS Writer Highlight translated and original text feature

  • Education & Training:  Educational institutions and training organizations can translate course materials, presentations, and instructional documents to cater to students and learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds. For instance, a university can translate lecture slides for international students attending online classes.

Translating Course Material

  • Content Localization: Content creators can use AI translation to localize their content for different regions. For example, a travel blogger can translate their blog posts into multiple languages to reach a global audience and provide travel tips tailored to different regions.

    Content Localization

  • Government and Public Services: Government agencies can utilize AI translation to translate public notices, policies, and documents into multiple languages. For instance, a city government can translate public health announcements to ensure that all residents have access to important information during a health crisis.

  • Legal Documentation: Law firms dealing with international cases can translate legal documents, contracts, and agreements accurately using AI. For example, a multinational corporation can use AI translation to translate employment contracts for overseas employees.

Legal Documentation Parallel Translation

  • Global Marketing: Companies can translate marketing materials such as brochures, websites, and advertisements using AI. For instance, a fashion brand can translate its website into multiple languages to attract customers from different countries.

How to Use Sync Translation in WPS Office

Imagine the convenience of having an office suite that can instantly translate documents in real-time, with improved quality thanks to AI. Well, with WPS AI, that's exactly what you get! Follow these simple steps to experience the power of real-time translation and read or write your word documents in complete comfort and confidence.

So I have a sample document, an article on health, but it's written in Spanish. Let's try translating this article with WPS AI Doc Translator for free:

Step 1: I have the Spanish article open in WPS Writer that I want to translate.

Sample Spanish Article in .DOC format

Step 2: Now let's head over to the "Review" tab in the toolbar.

Step 3: In the Review ribbon, click on the "Parallel Translate" button at the far right of the ribbon.

Parallel Translate option in WPS Writer

Step 4: WPS Office will translate the document and open a new WPS Office tab.

Step 5: In the new tab, you will have the interface split into 2 pages:

  • Original article: The original article will appear on the left.

  • Translated text: The translated version will appear on the right.

Parallel Translated copy in WPS Writer

Step 6: While reading the translated version, simply hover your cursor over any paragraph, and both the translated and the corresponding original paragraph will be highlighted in yellow.

Highlight text in Parallel Translate

Step 7: If you wish to change the translated language, simply click on the translation language option and select the language of your choice from the dropdown.

Change Translation Language

Step 8: To download and save the translated version, click on the "Download" button. WPS Writer provides you the option of downloading just the translated copy or a parallel translated copy.

Download Translated copy or Bilingual copy

There are times when I translate a complete document, but since the document is so large, I get confused about what is where. This is where WPS Office's parallel translation sync feature becomes a lifesaver. It helps you recognize the translated text with ease. Recently, I had to translate an extensive technical manual. The parallel translation sync feature in WPS Office made it simple to navigate through the document. Whenever I hovered over a section in the original text, it highlighted the corresponding translated section, making the review process seamless and efficient.

Two Download Versions Available: Translated and Bilingual

Once you've completed the translation process using WPS AI, you can easily download your documents in PDF format, providing you with convenient options for sharing and storing your translated content.

  • Translated Version

The translated version of your document is a straightforward rendition of the original content in the target language. It presents your text in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for your audience to understand the translated material without any distractions.

Translated Version PDF

  • Bilingual Version

For added versatility and clarity, the bilingual version of your document displays both the translated text and the original content side by side. This format allows readers to compare the translated version with the original text, enhancing comprehension and ensuring accuracy. The translated text is presented first, followed by the original text on the subsequent page, providing a seamless transition between languages.

Bilingual Version PDF

How to Convert PDF Download Version into Word Document?

Currently, WPS Office only offers downloadable PDF versions of translated documents. But if you find yourself needing a Word version, you can use our WPS Office Conversion Tool to translate the PDF text into Word format. It's a quick and easy way to convert your translated documents into editable Word files.

Whether you need to make adjustments, format changes, or collaborate with others who prefer Word, this tool has got you covered. So, you can seamlessly switch between formats and keep your workflow smooth and efficient.

Here's how you can convert your translated PDF from Free Document Translator into Word documents using WPS PDF Online tools:

Step 1: Switch tabs and open your preferred browser to navigate to the WPS PDF online tools website.

Step 2: Here, you will see a range of PDF tools. From these, click on "PDF to Word".

WPS PDF to Word Converter online tool

Step 3: The WPS PDF to Word converter tool is now ready to use. Simply click on the "Select PDF File" button to upload your PDF file.

Upload PDF file

Step 4: Once the PDF is uploaded, the WPS PDF to Word converter tool will process the PDF and may take a few moments.

Step 5: Once the conversion is completed, the converted document will be available for download. Simply click on the "Download" button to save a copy.

Download to save a copy of the converted Word document

WPS PDF online tools provide me an easy and quick way to work with my PDF files, without the need for any software downloads. With its emphasis on security, the online tools provided by WPS are very reliable and secure.

Maintaining Accuracy & Formats

It's not just the parallel translation that makes WPS Office's translation feature so great; it's the unparalleled precision and accuracy that truly sets it apart. Let me share my personal experience and insights to reflect how excellent the translation truly is.

  • Accuracy:

One of the major features of WPS AI Translation is its remarkable accuracy. The state-of-the-art AI technology ensures that translations are not only precise but also capture the nuances and subtleties of the language, which traditional methods often miss. For example, when I was translating a technical manual from English to Japanese, WPS AI accurately conveyed technical jargon and context-specific terms, ensuring that the translated document was just as clear and comprehensible as the original. This level of accuracy is crucial for maintaining the quality and reliability of the content, especially in professional settings.

AI Translation accuracy

  • Formats:

WPS AI Translation also excels in preserving the original structure and design of various document formats, whether it's contracts, charts, or intricate layouts. This feature is invaluable for maintaining the integrity of the document across different languages. For instance, I recently had to translate a complex legal contract with numerous sections, bullet points, and tables. WPS AI handled the translation flawlessly, ensuring that all formatting elements were intact. This made the translated document just as professional and legally sound as the original.

Translation formatting

Translation History

The WPS Translation History feature maintains a record of all previously translated documents, including details such as the source and target languages, status, and other related information. This means you can easily look back at your translation activities without having to dig through countless files and emails.

Having a comprehensive history of your translations at your fingertips means you can easily reference past translations whenever needed. Whether you’re checking for consistency, verifying terms, or simply revisiting previous work, this feature saves time and effort.

To view the translation history of your parallel translation, simply click on the small “History” icon in the toolbar at the top right corner of the WPS Writer interface.

View Translation History in WPS Writer

You can also keep track of your progress is crucial, especially when working on large projects with multiple documents. The Translation History feature helps you monitor which documents have been translated and which are still pending, ensuring that you stay on top of your tasks.

Parallel Translation History in WPS Writer


1. Will the formatting of the translated word document change?

No, the formatting will remain unchanged. As a standard practice, WPS AI Word Document Translator prioritizes the preservation of the original document's format, ensuring that the translated document replicates the layout and formatting of the original. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees consistency between the two documents, allowing users to rely on the translated document to accurately represent the content and structure of the original.

2. Can it handle professional jargon or content specific to certain industries?

Yes, the WPS AI Word Document Translator incorporates terminologies customized for various industries or fields. This specialized feature enables it to adeptly handle professional jargon and content specific to different industries, ensuring accurate and precise translations tailored to your needs.

3. What is the cost of using this tool?

WPS AI Word Document Translator is offered in pro and ultimate versions, both providing advanced features and superior translation quality. Users have the flexibility to select the version that aligns best with their needs and budget.

Experience Across The Borders With WPS Office

Getting a translation of your Word document can help you immensely, from assisting with homework to providing an accurate copy of an important business contract. Learning to translate Word documents using AI ensures you don't miss out on crucial details and helps you cross borders with ease.

As a writer, I particularly love how WPS Office allows me to immerse myself in other cultures without even stepping outside my house. Whether I'm translating technical manuals, legal documents, or creative content, WPS Office makes the process convenient and efficient.So, download WPS Office today and experience the powerful translation features it offers.

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.