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How to Highlight Text in PowerPoint Using WPS Office (3 Easy Methods)

February 2, 2024

The whole point of presentations is to draw attention to a specific subject, idea, or topic of discussion. A great presentation covers everything about the topic, including background, the main content, and an outro related to your subject. However, there's usually one part where you want to have a special spotlight on. Highlighting is an effective way to put emphasis on that particular topic. In this article, you will learn  how to highlight text in PowerPoint using WPS Office.

How to Highlight Text in PowerPoint Using WPS Office?

Method 1: Using the Text Tools

One of the most simple methods for highlighting in PowerPoint involves utilizing the readily available text tools. The following step-by-step guide illustrates how to do so effectively.

Step 1: Open your presentation in WPS Office and then select the text you want to highlight.

Step 2: Next, go to the Home tab and click on the Text Highlighter Color icon to highlight the selected text.

WPS Presentation Text Highlighter Color

Step 3: If you want to change the color, click on the arrow on the Text Highlighter Color icon to view more highlight colors.

WPS Presentation Text Highlighter Color options

Note: Users can preset the highlight color to ensure that whenever they use the text highlighter tool, their chosen color is always used.

But that's not all; if you want to highlight more effectively, WPS Presentation offers additional options in the Text Tools tab.

Step 4: In the Text Tools tab, users can change the color of their font by clicking on the Font Color icon to make the text more visible through the highlight effect.

WPS Presentation Font Color

Step 5: If you want a different color, click on the arrow in the Font Color icon to view all available colors.

Note: If you don't find the color you're looking for, click on "More Color Options" for a customized color collection.

WPS Presentation More Color Options

Step 6: Another way to make your text more vibrant is by using the Text Effect tool in the Text Tools tab.

Step 7: Simply select a text effect or click on the arrow to view all text effects in the Art Word Presupposition.

WPS Presentation Art Word Presupposition

Step 7: If you want to customize text effects, click on "Text Effects" and adjust various dimensions such as shadows and reflections for your selected text effects.

WPS Presentation Text Effects

Step 8: For a deeper exploration of text effects, click on "More Text Effects" in the drop-down menu.

WPS Presentation More Text Effects

Step 9: This will open the Formatting Object side panel on the right, where you can customize text effects according to your preferences, controlling every aspect of your text.

WPS Presentation Formatting Object

The text highlighter color is the best option if you want to emphasize your text, and with WPS Office, we can add more effects to our text to make the highlighting effect more vibrant.

Method 2: Using Highlighter Pen - While Presenting

You can use the specialized highlighter pen in WPS Office during your presentation, and it's an extremely important tool as it helps viewers understand what the presenter is emphasizing and the points being made. Let's learn how to change the highlight text color in PowerPoint using WPS Office while presenting.

Step 1: The highlighter pen can also be accessed while presenting. To do this, go to the SlideShow tab, click on either "From Beginning" or "From the Current Slide" to start your presentation.

WPS Presentation SlideShow Tab

Step 2: WPS Office provides a variety of tools for presenting, and these tools can be found in the hover menu at the bottom left of the screen.

Step 3: The highlighter pen can be accessed by clicking on the Pen icon in the hover menu.

WPS Presentation Pen Icon

WPS Presentation Pen Icon

Step 4: Upon clicking the pen icon, a flyout menu will open. Simply click on the "Highlighter Pen" option to highlight text during the presentation.

 WPS Presentation Highlighter Pen

WPS Presentation Highlighter Pen

Note: Users can also use the shortcut key "CTRL + I" in PowerPoint using WPS Office to access the highlighter pen.

Step 5: To change the color of the highlighter pen, go back to the Pen icon and select a different color from the options in the flyout menu.

WPS Presentation Highlighter Pen color options

WPS Presentation Highlighter Pen color options

The highlighter pen is a convenient tool for presenting as it allows presenters to make their points more clear to the audience, ensuring that the message is effectively delivered during the presentation.

Method 3: Draw a Shape

While not the most conventional approach, highlighting through shapes provides an alternative method. The step-by-step guide below outlines how to achieve this:

Step 1: To insert a shape into your PowerPoint presentation in WPS Office, go to the Insert tab, and then in the ribbon menu, click on Shapes.

WPS Presentation Insert tab

WPS Presentation Insert tab

Step 2: Select a shape to insert; the most recommended shape is a rectangle, but users can select any shape according to what they wish to highlight.

WPS Presentation Shapes

WPS Presentation Shapes

Step 3: Use your mouse to draw the shape on your presentation slide.

Step 4: Now, what we need to do is reduce the transparency of the shape. To do this, right-click on the shape and click on “Format Object”.

WPS Presentation Format Object

WPS Presentation Format Object

Note: We can also double-click on the shape to open the formatting side panel.

Step 5: An Object Formatting side panel will open on the right; click on the Fill arrow to expand more fill options.

Step 6: Now, simply use the Transparency toggle to reduce the transparency of the shape.

 WPS Presentation Object Transparency

WPS Presentation Object Transparency

Inserting a shape might not seem like the most viable option, but if you need to highlight something other than text, such as a figure or table, this tool can be utilized in those instances because other tools may not be as effective at that time.

Which Method to choose?




Text Tools

Easy customization, various effects.

May require more steps.

Highlighter Pen

Real-time annotation, keyboard shortcut.

Limited color options.

Draw a Shape

Creative visuals, easy modification.

Additional steps, may cover text.

 WPS Presentation Highlight Method Comparison

Choose Excellent Presentation Tool to Highlight Your Focus - WPS Presentation

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WPS Presentation

WPS Presentation

The user-friendly features are strategically placed, making everything easily accessible. In presentations, WPS Office recognizes the essence of highlighting specific subjects. Therefore, it offers accessible highlight features, making presentations both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

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Q1. Can I remove the highlight from the presentation?

If you have accidentally highlighted something, there's no need to worry. Here are two straightforward methods to remove the highlight in your presentation:

  1. Using "Undo": Utilize the Undo button to remove the highlight from the presentation.

  2. Using "Clear Formatting": Alternatively, employ the Clear Formatting feature in the Home tab to delete the highlight fill from the selected text or object.

Q2. Why should we use the WPS Office for highlighting text in PowerPoint compared to other tools?

WPS Office stands out with its flexibility and features, offering users multiple ways to highlight text in presentations. For instance, you can use different colors, draw shapes around text, and even utilize a Highlighter Pen. These features of WPS Office provide users with more flexibility and customization options compared to other tools, resulting in presentations that are not only informative but also visually appealing and engaging.

Q3. Is there a learning curve associated with using the WPS Office to highlight text in PowerPoint?

The WPS Office is crafted to be user-friendly and intuitive, guaranteeing a smooth experience when highlighting text in PowerPoint presentations. The software's uncomplicated interface is easily accessible, effectively minimizing any learning curve. Hence, even for users new to the software, highlighting text in PowerPoint presentations is a straightforward and user-friendly process.

Mastering Data Highlighting in WPS Spreadsheet

Creating impactful presentations is certainly a skill mastered by seasoned individuals, but for those who wish to be within reach of exploring their creative side, WPS Office offers some of the greatest tools to assist one on their journey. This versatile suite offers creative options in presentations, providing free templates and various features to explore, including the highlighting feature. Learning how to highlight text in PowerPoint using WPS Office is all you need to craft a top-notch presentation. Download WPS Office now to create presentations that are both attractive and meaningful.

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