How to insert line break inside a cell in Excel on mac

July 21, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Using office software has become a crucial part of our daily life. It has emerged as a separate skill-set and a good command over it can provide a boost in an individual’s career. Office softwares, for instance WPS Spreadsheets has helped users to manage complicated tasks in simple and smooth manner. However, increasing users of spreadsheets find it difficult to insert line break in a cell which has become obligatory for office setting.

In WPS office softwares, beginning of new line is not difficult- users can simply press Enter button on keyboard. In WPS Spreadsheets, creating new line is different unlike other softwares. Pressing the Enter button in WPS Spreadsheets ends the cell to which data is being entered in and shifts cursor to a new cell. Therefore, how to insert line break? There are two simple methods to perform this function.

Here are the steps to insert line break in Excel Spreadsheets:

How to insert line break in Excel Spreadsheets

The quickest way to insert a line break in the cell can be done with the help of a keyboard shortcut:


Here are the steps of using this shortcut in Excel cell:

1. Enter the cell in which you want to insert line break by clicking the cell twice with your mouse.

2. Move cursor on the data from where you want to break the line or enter data in the cell.

3. For Windows users, after Step 2 hold ALT button, and press ENTER button. For Mac users, hold Option and Control button, and press Return button.

4. Press ENTER to exit editor mode.

After following the above steps, you have successfully inserted cell break feature in which you have created multiple lines in one cell.

How to insert line break in Excel Cell with formula

The shortcut on keyboard is helpful to break one cell contents into multiple lines. Nevertheless, if a user wants to use cell data from different cells and want to start each cell content part in a new line of the combined cell, the quickest and easiest way is to proceed with a formula.

In WPS Spreadsheets, an important function to combine different cell contents into one cell, which is the CHAR function. Character code for line break in Windows is (10), therefore we will use CHAR(10) function.

For example: Cell Contents inA4, B4 and C4 need to be compiled into one cell, we will use the following formula.

=A4 & CHAR(10) & B4 & CHAR(10) & C4

Important Notes

For insert line break function to work properly, make sure to click on the Text Wrap button.Make sure to adjust Cell Width in case, if needed.

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